Company Management

Haydn Povey

Founder and CEO

Haydn Povey founded Secure Thingz to help make security for connected devices easier to implement for companies of all sizes. As the CEO, he steers the company toward a vision of helping our customers secure intellectual assets, accelerate trustworthy product delivery and make security a benefit instead of a cost. Haydn also currently sits on the Executive Steering Board of the IoT Security Foundation.

Haydn has been in senior management at leading global technology companies for over 20 years, including 10 years in senior marketing and business development roles at ARM. While at ARM, Haydn most recently looked after the company’s strategy and product roadmaps for security within IoT and M2M marketplaces. Haydn also led the development and introduction of the Cortex-M microprocessor family, which has driven the rapid adoption of 32-bit microcontroller technology around the globe and underpins the majority of IoT devices.

Tim Woodruff

VP of Engineering

Tim Woodruff was originally introduced to the business as a Senior System Architect in April 2017, responsible for the end to end design of our products. Establishing, maintaining and adding value to the root of trust to enable product manufacturing and updates in an untrusted environment. In 2019 he was promoted to VP of Engineering and is now responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the engineering department, managing recruitment and the welfare of Secure Thingz products and projects. This move was initially to take our Secure Deploy product from an alpha prototype to a fully working prototype, as well as developing the initial concepts of the Embedded Trust seeing it through to market launch. 

With well over 30 years’ experience as a Development Engineer and manager focusing on projects developing embedded software, electronics and tool chains for volume manufacture. Moving quickly into senior management positions with companies such as a Sepura as their CTO and development director. Tim has worked with various companies over the years including, Motorola, NEC Technologies and British Aerospace Dynamics. He applies all of his previous experience into this role and is a valued member of the Secure Thingz team.