Global domain experts in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management.

Security for connected devices is more important than ever. The threats are real – incidents of attacks, counterfeiting and cloning are growing, and governments are getting involved with legislation and policies. The ramifications could break companies, if they are not prepared.

Secure Thingz, and our sister company IAR Systems, share a vision for helping our customers secure intellectual assets, accelerate trustworthy product delivery and make security a benefit instead of a cost. We believe that IoT security needs to be straightforward, scalable and sustainable, and that security must be integrated from inception, because adding security late in the development process rarely works.

Threats will not stop, so we are working together to make superior security available for all in order to build a secure and sustainable future for connected devices. Beyond protecting intellectual assets, we want to enable our customers to make security the bedrock of value across the enterprise.

In the end, we will have transformed an entire industry.