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New to IoT security? Get the white paper!

With the expected explosion in the number of connected devices and the internet of things (IoT) and the increased trend toward digital transformation in almost every industry vertical, the risk of exposure to potential security breaches is also likely to grow exponentially.

But if you are new to the whole topic, how do you even start with thinking about implementing security in your internet of things (IoT) product design?

Well, we have put together a white paper for developers who are new to security and wish to understand the process of developing IoT products that incorporate security right from the start. Just like a ‘how-to’ guide, we show how security is addressed using devices such as secure elements (SE) or a secure microcontroller (MCU).

The paper takes you from start to finish in the entire process. This starts with establishing a security policy based on IoT codes of practice which are available from various government and industry organizations. Then we look at the different types of IoT architecture and ideal security implementations, as well as the types of IoT connectivity.

Once the IoT product architecture and connectivity is defined, the next step is security threat analysis. This needs to be done to then determine what’s the most appropriate security hardware for the product.

After this planning phase, the paper goes into the detail of how to put in place the security implementation plan. The key aspects of implementation are: identity, provisioning, mastering and deployment. We look at all of these in depth.

There is also a look at the principles of identity and establishing a Root of Trust and a Chain of Trust. Software development tools to simplify the whole process in an integrated development environment (IDE) are then outlined. These can leverage the secure hardware built into next generation microcontrollers to provide the trust anchors and secure services needed for trustworthy IoT solutions.

To download the white paper, Getting started with IoT security’, click here, where you can download the whitepaper from the right-hand column, under, “In-depth reading”.