Secure Deploy Architecture

Security requires a holistic approach, touching every part of device architecture, system design, production, deployment, and life cycle management.It is only through the alignment of the participants across the supply chain that makes it possible to produce secure solutions.

The Secure Deploy architecture has been designed to enhance and simplify security implementations across the life cycle of product creation, manufacture, and management. This enables organizations to build upon secure foundations to protect their intellectual property across the life cycle of their products.


  • Protection of IP from the moment of creation
  • OEM key delegation and signing
  • Inhibiting malware injection at production and in the field
  • Global control of high-value IP to inhibit cloning & counterfeiting
  • Secured programming within hostile environments
  • Secure key infrastructure flow across global stakeholders
  • OEM key and data sovereignty
  • Minimal impact on existing production flow
  • Secure update & patching of constrained devices
  • Delivery of security-as-a-service