Secure Programming Services

At Secure Thingz, we partner with our distributors who can provide secure programming facilities at many locations worldwide. Using security tools designed by Secure Thingz, secrets such as keys and configuration data can be securely injected into both secure elements and micro-controllers with complete confidence and assurance to our customers that their secrets are not seen by anyone other than the customer themselves.

The use of a secure programming center at our distributors eliminates the need for customers and developers to have their own infrastructure and provides important provisioning services to OEMs at various volume levels ranging from first article to hundreds of thousands of units.
Want to know more about the secure programming workflow?  Please checkout the video "Secure Deploy Workflow - Using the Secret Wrapping Tool" from our Learn portal.
For our Microchip SAM L11 OEM customers, please read the "Using the Secret Wrapping Tool guide" from our Learn portal.
Want to know which partners can provide the Secure Deploy secure programming services? Please, request a current list by emailing: