How it works

In order to solve security challenges in a scalable and sustainable way, application security must be implemented right from start of the development cycle.

Our solutions are built upon the establishment of a robust, yet flexible, Root of Trust, leveraging the security functionality of secure devices, or providing a sustainable foundation for existing devices and applications. Vulnerabilities are minimized, updates and patches are authenticated and individualized, and lifecycles are managed protecting your application today and into the future.

The robust Root of Trust enables the establishment of a Supply Chain of Trust, with ensured security as part of the standard production flow.

Securing the Supply Chain

  • Protecting IP
  • Inhibiting cloning
  • Avoiding overproduction

Strengthening devices

  • Inhibit malware injection
  • Adhere to legislative compliance
  • Make every device tamper-proof

Ready to support your workflow

  • Move security from a specialist capability into mainstream development
  • Simplify the certificate and key infrastructure implementation
  • Enable an easy handover from development to manufacturing
  • Assist the implementation of versioning and rollback policies

End-to-end security solutions

Embedded Trust

  • Security Development Environment leveraging the secure hardware built into next-generation microcontrollers to provide the low-level trust anchors and secure services needed for trustworthy IoT solutions
  • Simplifies the configuration of security
  • Secures new and existing applications, no matter product lifecycle stage or development tools used

Secure Deploy-Manufacturing

  • Integrated with Embedded Trust to provide security from design to deployment
  • Enables development, debug, mastering, provisioning and manufacturing in one unified workflow

Secure Deploy-Prototyping

  • Delivers secure provisioning at the desk
  • Enables simplified production for devices which do not require a fully automated production line