Renesas RX

RX Family High-Speed, High-Performance Series: RX65x Series

The RX65x device is optimized for high speed and excellent performance. In addition to the RXv2 core operating at up to 120MHz, it is available with up to 4MB of zero-wait access flash memory to realize the full performance potential of the CPU. It is provided with a single-precision FPU, 32-bit multiplier and divider, and 32-bit multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) unit. In addition to peripheral functions compatible with earlier products, such as timers, A/D converters, and serial interfaces, the RX65x device includes functions optimized for applications such as security using AES encryption.

Robust Security with Trusted Secure IP

The Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) block within the RX65x creates a secure area inside the IP module by monitoring for unauthorized access attempts. It ensures that the encryption engine and encryption key can be utilized safely. The encryption key, the most important element in reliable and secure encryption, is linked to a unique ID and stored in the flash memory in a safe, undecipherable format.

Application Notes

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Secure Programming

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